Bar welcomes new silks

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The Australian Bar Association (ABA) is celebrating this year’s new Senior Counsel and Queen’s Counsel.

This year, 45 senior barristers have been given the prestigious appointment. The new silks will be honoured at the ABA’s annual Silks and Bows dinner at the High Court of Australia on 5 February. The dinner will be held at the Great Hall of the High Court in Canberra.

The Honourable Justice Michelle Gordon will be the keynote speaker of the event, while the Victorian Bar’s Lisa Nichols SC will speak on behalf of the new silks.

Noel Huntley SC, president of the ABA, said that the appointment is a singular milestone in any barrister’s career.
This year’s new silks are:

New South Wales Senior Counsel
  • Gregory Richard Waugh
  • Lesley Anne Whalan
  • Michael Luscombe Wright
  • Melissa Anne Gilles
  • Michael Robert Elliott
  • Naomi Louise Sharp
  • Richard Craig Scruby
  • Francis Paul Hicks
  • Katharine Clare Morgan
  • Huw Baker
  • Ruth Clare Anne Higgins
Northern Territory Senior Counsel
  • Miles Crawley
Queensland Queen’s Counsel
  • Justin Andrew Greggery
  • Melanie Heather Hindman
  • Michael Robert Hodge
  • Benjamin Job
  • John William Peden
  • Darlene Ann Skennar
  • Michael Anthony Williamson
Victoria Senior Counsel
  • William Guy Gilbert
  • Mark John Gibson
  • Marcus Clarke
  • Paul Lawrence Ehrlich
  • Michael Wolf Wise
  • Paul James Hayes
  • Craig William Dowling
  • Scott William Stuckey
  • Michael Geoffrey Rees Gronow
  • Garry John Fitzgerald
  • Julian Paul McMahon AC
  • Scott Robert Johns
  • Suresh Rajkumar Senathirajah
  • Minal Vohra
  • David Joseph Nicolas Purcell
  • Mark Anthony Irving
  • Stephen Howard Parmenter
  • Claire Michelle Harris
  • Robert Andrew Heath
  • Lisa Michelle Nichols
  • Sally Amanda Flynn
  • Stewart John Maiden
  • Lisabella Gianna De Ferrari
Western Australia Senior Counsel
  • Stephen Wright
  • Amanda Burrows
  • Simon Freitag

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