Another ‘legal webjet’ hits the market

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A young Brisbane lawyer has created a ‘legal Webjet’, allowing users to search and compare lawyers for different legal matters.

Melissa Sinopoli said she created LawyerQuote when she realised how confusing people find navigating the legal market.

“Being a lawyer myself I know people often find it challenging to find lawyers and find the right one and find the right price for the legal services they need,” Sinopoli told The Brisbane Times.

“I knew we wanted to do something that gave people better access to lawyers and gave them that access online, 24 hours a day seven days a week.
“It gives you the fixed prices instantly with all the lawyers are including the same thing in their price.”

Sinopoli said the service is equally as useful for lawyers is equally as useful for lawyers who find it very difficult to access the market where people are googling lawyers.

“We see it as working with them to give them greater access to the online market, so it is a win win for everyone.”

The Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts told the Times that while he welcomes the service, he warned consumers not to solely rely on the site and its rating system to find the right lawyer.

"Because it is a free market, any initiative that gives choice to the consumer is a positive development, having said that it is important that consumers understand that many legal matters are not always straightforward or can be properly quoted on without knowing the many facts surrounding the case," Mr Potts said.

“Consumers, in making a decision as to their legal representatives, must not only have regard to cost but also to the quality of the service and the exact extent and scope of that service.

“These types of things are always subject to some degree of concern, you may not know who is providing the quotes or the ratings.”
  • David on 3/02/2016 3:50:37 PM

    I have no association with the site however from my review it appears to work quite well for what it is. It does not appear to be misleading or unfair and if it doesn't suggest any options you like - then you don't have to use it!

  • Sydney lawyer on 3/02/2016 10:04:33 AM

    What is the rating based on? Does the search list all lawyers? How can this service provide scopes and quotes for other lawyers? It appears to me that this service may be misleading and unfair.

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