All-female law firm making waves

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An all-female law firm in the Sydney suburb of Mt Druitt is getting attention.
After all, it’s not often that a law firm like Western Sydney Legal comes along in a male-dominated profession.
In a feature on The Daily Telegraph, the law firm composed of solicitors Beverly Boyle, Anjli Chowdhary and assistant Sandra Wade discussed how it’s like to operate a small firm given their unique makeup.
According to Chowdhary, who bought the law firm after being away from the workforce for two decades, it wasn’t at all intentional that the firm is all-female.
“It’s the way it happened with our staff, but we are very happy with how it’s turned out,” she told The Telegraph.
“It is a very male-dominated profession especially out in Western Sydney, and in the older age group it’s unusual,” she added.
The law firm which provides services from family law to wills to immigration says it’s very hands-on. They also provide a non-threatening environment, Chowdhary said.
This may be why the community has welcomed the law firm; something that Chowdhary noted makes a big difference from working in BigLaw.
“I love the community — it is what is great about the job,” Chowdhary said. “I was working in a big law firm in the city and it was impersonal — working here, it is more rewarding as you are really making a difference in people’s lives.”
  • DJB on 23/08/2016 11:20:24 AM

    Cool. So "No Girls" on the front door of an all male law firm is acceptable now, is it ?

    {Note: I do accept that there are many firms where the senior staff, if not all the professional staff are male. I also accept that in some part that reflects a structural glass ceiling. But, what is good for the Gander has to be good for the Goose too, surely?.}

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