Adviceline appoints new division head

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Adviceline Injury Lawyers has appointed a new head of its Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) division.

Special counsel Genna Angelowitsch has been named to the high-profile role, bringing to the office more than 10 years’ experience working in the field. She is an accredited specialist in personal injury law by the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV).

Angelowitsch, who most recently represented the families of the deceased victims of the Bourke Street attack, shared her primary goal leading the group.

“In 2019 we saw a dramatic increase in the number of lives lost on Victorian roads compared to the previous year,” she said. “This leads to so much trauma for those involved – both physically and emotionally. During my time as head of the TAC division I am determined to ensure that individuals who have been subjected to road trauma and their families have access to the services they need to manage their recovery quickly and with dignity.”

There were 263 deaths from transport accidents over the past 12 months, up 23.5% from 2018, which has prompted scrutiny of laws in the area in Victoria, Angelowitsch said.

Adviceline said that distracted driving and non-use of seatbelts are major causes of these deaths. There was also a marked increase of fatalities on rural and regional roads in Victoria.

Angelowitsch said that the recent implementation of expedited common law protocols – which is a joint initiative of the TAC, the Australian Lawyers Alliance, and the LIV – shows that the TAC intends to more efficiently resolve cases this year.

“The new protocols provide streamlined processes for accessing compensation for individuals who have clearly suffered a serious injury, and aims to reduce lengthy delays that have previously hampered access to benefits,” she said.

Adviceline said that the firm played a key role in the development of the streamlined processes. It is also one of the first firms to engage in the expedited application process during the initial trial process.

 Genna Angelowitsch