Special Report: the New Zealand market - the changing landscape

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This special report explores the disruptions and opportunities most affecting New Zealand’s legal businesses in the short- to medium-term. It covers the implications of the AI trend for law firms and the ever-evolving regulatory framework that attempts to keep pace. Also examined is the innovative legal work helping government to facilitate large-scale infrastructure projects for the nation. You’ll also read about top firms’ efforts to improve work-life balance, retain their best talent, as well as the strategies they’ve employed to promote more progressive, respectful, and thriving workplace cultures.

Download this free 5-page report for exclusive insights from three of New Zealand’s most esteemed firms. Information includes:

  • Predictions for the coming years in legal business
  • Analysis of government policy initiatives and the opportunities and challenges these present for law firms
  • The types of work AI will replace, and the types it won’t
  • Practical examples from top firms dealing with new issues in workplace culture and shifting generational attitudes